FabriskistoSign.jpgWith the CNC router, I can make signs of various types. Here is one I made for myself, using 2 types of bits and some paint. The material is 3/4″ white melamine-faced particle board.

FabrikistoSignOnCNC.jpgThe Fabrikisto sign on the machine that made it. I trimmed the edges with veneer and applied acrylic paint to the incised lettering.

ClockOnCNC.jpgA clock is just another type of sign. This one features the crest of my family’s heritage.

Floating-top Tables

FloatingTopSideTable_4.jpgFloatingTopSideTable_5.jpgFloatingTopSideTable_6.jpgFloatingTopSideTable_7.jpgFloatingTopSideTable_8.jpgThese side tables were made using traditional tools - planer, bandsaw, and elbow grease. Each part is hand-sanded, then 4 coats of Livos Natural Oil is applied and rubbed to a fine finish. The blue-tinted one was in response to the theme “Bluegrass Festival” . The tops float on 1″ super-magnets. The legs are all Roasted Maple, the shelves and tops are various other types of Maple. The one with red edges is the exception - the edges are Bloodwood, and the centre is maple-veneered plywood.

The Raven Writing DeskThe Raven - a writing/office desk for my shop office. Dimensions are: 207 x 122 x 77 cm. All joinery is cut by CNC. Materials are Maple, Walnut, Bloodwood. This item is not for sale, but I would be pleased to discuss commissioned copies or variations.

Shelves and DeskSince I had some wood left over from this project, I made a set of matching shelves. The dark wood is Roasted Ash, which I had ended up not using for the desk.