“The Raven” Writing Desk

The Raven 1Left side from standing perspective

The Raven 2Right side from standing perspective

The Raven 3Standing perspective from the back. Note that this desk will be against a wall, therefore directions are reversed.

The Raven DetailEcopoxy inlay with pattern cut on CNC. 1 drop of Mazda Red touch-up paint for the eye!

The Raven drawer detailCNC cut finger joints, runners, and drawer parts.

The Raven was designed for my shop office. It was an experimental piece for learning Vectric VCarve Pro, Fingermaker joint software, Livos and Rubio finishing techniques, and use of a CNC Router. It has been entered in the Kingston Wood Artisans’ “Artistry in Wood 2019” show and competition.

The Artist’s Technical Statement for the “Artistry in Wood” entry is:

Many of the details of “The Raven” are inspired by the restrictions and advantages of using a CNC Router for critical components. Repeatability and accuracy are balanced by the need for innovative joinery. The desk is built with allowance for transportation and easy setup, as well as for wood movement.

Materials used are: Maple, Walnut, Bloodwood, 1/8″ white Hardboard, Livos Natural Oil, Rubio Monocoat, Ecopoxy, mechanical fasteners, magnets, adjustable feet, 1 drop Mazda red touch-up paint. Item size is 81.5 x 48 x 30.25 inches (207 x 122 x 77 cm) in each greatest dimension. All joinery is exposed. All joinery was cut with a CNC Router, with the exception of magnet holes and brace pocket. Due to the inability of CNC Routers cutting square inside joints, custom designs were developed for all joints.

The top slabs are finished with Rubio Monocoat on all sides. All remaining wood is finished with two coats of Livos Kunos Natural Oil. The desk is modular. The slab is in 3 sections held in place by draw-joint hardware. Wood movement is only expected to be significant across the slab, therefore the end trim is not glued, it is attached via magnets.

“The Raven” is designed for generations of use.

I would be pleased to discuss commissioned variations or copies of this piece.



Item KG Lb
Right Slab 10.6 23.4
Middle Slab 23.8 52.5
Right Slab 6.4 14.1
Left Base 19.8 43.7
Right Base 19.8 43.7
Total 80.4 177.3
Each Drawer 3.2 7.1
Each Base 5.4 11.9