Custom Woodworking

Latest Updates

I’ve decided to run occasional sales. We all need a break from the current reality, so this is a small way that I can help you (and me!) create some excitement in our lives. For you, there’s the opportunity of treating yourself to something you may not otherwise enjoy. For me, it’s a way of spreading the pleasure I get from creating these objects, and still make a bit of money. We both win! The current sale item is the Canada Puzzle.

What does one make with scraps left over from other projects? Serving trays, of course! The first set were made from thin strips and are standard-duty. These are made from pieces of the slabs left over from the two Raven desks. They are substantial! The first one is a simple tray, massing only 2.4 kg. I accidentally made it in the style of Piet Mondrian, with black epoxy inlay separating the sections. The second one is a slab sitting on a carrier, and it masses 2.65 kg. The slab can be removed for cleaning or for use as a cutting board. Although, why would you want to damage this fine piece of wood with a sharp knife? Once it’s yours, use it any way you want.

Wood – the original material for tools and construction – is still the standard for quality. Wooden desks, tables, chairs, signs, and all manner of objects always stand out for their character and beauty. Wood feels warm. Wood gives a welcoming character to our environment, be it in nature or in our homes.

Modern computer-aided tools make the design of beautiful wooden objects more accessible. Modern woodworking machinery allows the creation and craftsmanship of wooden objects which more people can afford. Beauty is no longer reserved for the rich.

Mazes and puzzles are a specialty. From simple single-sided mazes to complex double-sided maps and custom shapes, mazes in wood allow a huge variety of challenges. Contact me to discuss your needs!

Boxes of various types are fun and at times challenging. My jewellery boxes feature exposed corner joints and fine woods. They will thrill and satisfy for lifetimes – yours and your heirs.

I use TurboCAD and Vectric VCarve to assist in design. In the shop I use a 16″ Hammer Jointer/Planer, a 14″ Hammer bandsaw, a Makita tracksaw, and a CanCam CNC Router to shape fine woods. I prefer maple and walnut, but also use some exotic woods for character. Most of my wood is from KJP Select Hardwoods. Finishing is by hand, assisted by a custom designed and built vacuum table and assembly table. I prefer Livos Natural Oil and Rubio Monocoat. My hand tools are primarly from Lie Nielsen and Lee Valley.

Bring your ideas for unique furniture, signs, or other objects and I will work with you to achieve a work of art which will bring you a lifetime of functional pleasure. My workshop is in Horton Township, near Renfrew Ontario Canada.

Most of my items are available at the Valley Artisans’ Co-op in Deep River. The Co-op is currently closed, so please stop in once it reopens. You may want to view the Co-op’s YouTube video at Valley Artisans’ Open for Business or take advantage of curb-side pickup. Many of my items are also for sale on Etsy, but at generally higher prices to cover shipping. Or of course you can use the online shop here!