Items Available for Purchase

Most of the items on this page are now available in the e-commerce shop.


Fabrikisto Sign on CNC Machine
With the CNC router, I can make signs of various types. Here is one I made for myself, using 2 types of bits and some paint. The material is 3/4″ white melamine-faced particle board.

Clock on CNC Machine
A clock is just another type of sign. This one features the crest of my family’s heritage.

Custom signs are a traditional use case for CNC routers. Please contact me with your custom requirements.

Floating-top Tables

Blue Tint Floating Top Table
Tapped Maple Floating Top Table
Four Floating Top Tables
Floating-top Tables

These side tables were made using traditional tools – planer, bandsaw, and elbow grease. Each part is hand-sanded, then 4 coats of Livos Natural Oil is applied and rubbed to a fine finish. The blue-tinted one was in response to the theme “Bluegrass Festival” . The tops float on 1″ super-magnets. The legs are all Roasted Maple, the shelves and tops are various other types of Maple. The one with red edges is the exception – the edges are Bloodwood, and the centre is maple-veneered plywood.


Raven Desk 2 Right View
Raven 2 Writing Desk
Drawer Corners Detail
Machine-cut corner joints details
Shelf Detail
Pull-out shelf detail

The “Raven 2” is a straight desk version of the Raven desk I made for my shop office. It is on display at the Valley Artisans’ Co-op.


Puzzle Box 2
Maze Puzzle Box.

Only the front maze needs to be solved, the other three are decoys.

Canada Maze Puzzle
This is a large 2-sided puzzle. Double sided puzzles are far  more difficult to solve than single-sided ones.
Double-sided Maze
After experimenting with several sizes, I have settled on this size for the double-sided mazes. This one has the Start and End points in the same location, but on opposite sides of the puzzle.
Key Maze 1
Double-sided wooden maze with a key holder released when the puzzle is solved.
Medium Walnut Maze
This single-sided maze is easier to solve and can double as wall art.

Maze puzzles are fascinating – allowing open-ended designs and purposes. I have developed two different magnet-based release mechanisms for the maze puzzles with compartments.


Jewellery Box 1
Larger jewellery box with exposed interlocking corner joints.
Exposed corner joinery on jewellery box
Corner detail on Medium Jewellery Box number 2
Jewellery Box 2
The Spalted Maple top is attractive on its own., but I added a small raven inlay.
Raven Inlay on Jewellery Box
Medium Jewellery Box with Raven inlay

The smaller jewellery box is still a good size, about 34x24x23 cm.


Kelvins and Celsius Scale
The first version of this thermometer showed only Kelvins. I’ve actually had 1 sale of that style! This version is perhaps more practical for most people.
Round Tuits
A collection of Round Tuits. Please contact me to discuss your customization needs.

I make what intrigues me. If it interests you as well, check out my display at the Valley Artisans’ Co-op or on Etsy. Of course, your best and most economical option is to contact me directly at or 613-433-6470.