Oh My Darling!

Well that didn’t exactly work as planned. The “Oh My Darling” sculpture works great as a light display. As a fountain that isn’t supposed to leak all over the surrounding environment, no. Those two coats of low viscosity epoxy that were supposed to seal everything? Didn’t. Not only are there leaks around the bases of the acrylic tubes, which wouldn’t have been a surprise, there are also leaks in the wall joints. I have no idea how those could have been a) loose enough and b) not sealed by the epoxy, to actually let quite a bit of water through.

Then there’s the flow volume. The pump just isn’t up to the job. There are 2 issues. First, it just doesn’t have either the pressure or volume to push water out of any of the tubes – even the shortest – to flow more than a dribble. Of course, it may be the small diameter air line I ended up using for the plumbing. Then there’s the Polar Vortex at the intake. It’s quite impressive in its miniature way actually. But the end result is that the pump is seeing as much air as water.

So everything is outside drying out. When dry, I’ll put it back on the workbench as a display item. No soothing sounds of water cascading out of Luna’s South Pole, sustaining our first attempt at living on another orb.

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