KC Scale – Kelvins and Degrees Celsius


A thermometer showing Kelvins and Degrees Celsius

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When you are tired of hearing temperatures mentioned in Fahrenheit, Rankine, or Centigrade, this KC Scale will tell you the “real” temperature! Calibrated to within +-1.1K, it shows both Kelvins on the left and Degrees Celsius on the right. Covering the temperature range in which humans typically operate (220 to 320 K) (AKA -50 C to +50 C), this thermometer is useful anywhere in the world. It’s probably not one you would take into orbit or to the Moon or Mars though. It even shows the Triple Point of Water!

The 30cm (12″) glass tube has permanent red dye, made by the leading manufacturer of thermometer tubes in North America (thanks Echo!). The substrate is Hard Maple, finished with multiple coats of Livos Natural Oil, and environmentally friendly product from Germany. The back has a horizontal key slot so that you can hang the thermometer on any convenient screw or nail, and make sure it is level. Intended for inside use, a protected outside location would be fine, although the wood will weather over time.

Enhance your understanding of the physical world by reading this thermometer regularly. Never again be afraid of going outside when the temperature is negative – it never is! Going from a comfortable 295 inside to 240 outside will be far less intimidating! Turning on the air conditioning at 300 will seem far more justifiable!

Impress your family and friends with your grasp of the fundamentals of our existence. Relax in the knowledge that you can handle the world as it really is.

Credit: Randall Munroe www.xkcd.com


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