Memory Box – An Heirloom Box for your Time Capsule Items


Compact Memory Box

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When you want to ensure that a special item be secure for a long time, this Memory Box will remind you of your commitment every time you see it. A smaller version of the Booze Box, this box is appropriate for notes and jewellery. Made to your specified dimensions.

The box is made with CNC-cut finger joints in the four corners, and inset bottom and top. The top is restrained by 4 cylinder magnets, which won’t come out on their own. The small feet contain magnets which can assist in retracting the latch magnets. Maple and Walnut are finished with Livos Natural Oil, a German finish which meets all EU standards for safety.

Please specify the date and text you wish engraved on the top. A different message can be engraved on the lid underside. The box can therefore serve multiple purposes, for example as an ashes container.

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Dimensions 18.5 × 10.5 × 10.5 cm


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