Tailmaker Software Free Downloads

Now available for testing and review.

Puzzle My Joint
PuzzleMyJoint by Tailmaker

Download Version 1.05 here: PuzzleMyJointInstallV1.05.zip

Generate joints for frames and other wooden items, or create jigsaw puzzle patterns and make them on your CNC machine.

Please note: you will get a security warning upon installation of the software. This is due to the fact that it isn’t generated under a Microsoft-certified process. It is nonetheless safe to install.

Fingermaker by Tailmaker

Make complex finger joints on your CNC machine.

Download here: FingermakerFreewareInstall.zip

Mazemaker by Tailmaker

Generate single or double sided mazes and make them on your CNC machine.

Download here: MazeMakerFreewareInstall.zip

Coming soon – more downloadable files for Tailmaker software!