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LSP Fountain

Clementine Mission Lunar South Pole Region

This is a record of the design and creation of the Lunar South Pole Fountain project.

  • Second Wall Set Started
    After some fiddling and adjusting, I created 11 good wall sections. The first one turned into a test piece, since I got the Y and Z axis alignments wrong. So I had to cut another section from the board, the lower one in the second photo. Then it was just a matter of standing with the dust system hose in place to reduce the chip mess. Each section took about 15 minutes. Tomorrow I’ll do the tenon side. I expect there’s be a bit of adjustment on the first one of those as well.
  • Bits are in!
    Yesterday the 2 long half-inch cutter bits arrived. Today I worked on the machining fixture. I had already added a reinforcing platform to the front. Today I machined it to height to accommodate the 16.3636 degree slope required. Then I carefully aligned the fixture on the CNC spoil board so that the X axis is as exactly inline as possible. The compression clamp on the right will ensure that the left of the workpiece is properly registered. I run 2 screws in from the left to be sure.
  • Well that didn’t exactly work
    Something was off. I did manage to get the ring sections joined with the help of a strap clam and a big rubber mallet. But they didn’t want to close up, so I left everything clamped to the table and called it a day. It was New Year’s Eve so to time to go “celebrate”. I opened what I believe to be a 20 year old bottle of Mumm’s Champagne. It wasn’t very good and the remaining half will be dumped. Today I looked carefully at the parts and the jig. Some sections had broken off the parts. As far … Continue reading “Well that didn’t exactly work”
  • Wall pieces
    Each section takes about a half hour on the CNC. Today I had a shorter day, being Wednesday with noon commitments. I stopped at 15:30 when 6 were done. I’ll do the other 5 tomorrow and do a a test assembly. So far nothing broke and there were no injuries.
  • Successful Joints
    Every pass gave additional feedback for further adjustments. First it was clearance, then positioning, then depth of cut. The -0.375 mm clearance works well. The tenons still protrude because the flattening cut is of course at half the included angle. I decided just to skip the flattening pass and trim the extra with the band saw or plane before sanding. The other consequence of the adjustments is that the usable section length is shorter than my original plan. That just means that the fountain diameter will be less than planned by about 100 mm.