Cold Trap Sculpture/Chandelier


Cold Trap – A sculpture or chandelier based on Lunar South Pole images with central light pillars.

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Express your confidence in humanity’s future by featuring this light sculpture in your home or business! This unique piece is effective as either a table sculpture or as a ceiling light fixture. For ceiling mounting, a suspension frame is provided, which accommodates either 16″ or 24″ OC joists or trusses.

Based on a mapping mosaic from the NASA LROC (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera), it is a 3D-carved representation of the Lunar South Pole. LROC and the Clementine satellites, along with earth-based RADAR scans, have proven that there is a substantial quantity of water at the Lunar south pole. This light sculpture is an expression of this valuable knowledge. The presence of water on Luna will make humanity’s outward travels far more practical.

The base is made of MDF, with 5 coats of ChemTech Epoxy for protection. The base is 570 mm in diameter, with a wall height of 90 mm. The central light cylinders are 50 mm Acrylic containing light-chasing LED emitters. The tall central cylinder is 730 mm high. The LED emitters are controlled via a phone app. There are over 200 pre-programmed patterns, in addition to complete manual control.

The 3D relief carving is an accurate translation of the LROC mosaic scans of the Lunar South Pole area. Vertical scale is not accurate, but was chosen for effect and machinability. There are random colour inclusions, meant to represent the potential presence of water and other minerals. The Epoxy coating is fairly rough, representing the likely surface texture of the lunar regolith.

Whether for your own appreciation, or to express your outward perspectives, this one-of-a-kind sculpture will be a central point of focus wherever it is placed.

Cold Trap project blog entry: Cold Trap – Photos –

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