Ongoing Work


Nahrung 5PlanksGlueup

I’m back to work on Nahrung/Erbschaft. Last week I started getting serious with Vectric Aspire (Trial Edition). I now have the 3D file sliced and the design laid out in what I think is a good configuration. Over the long weekend I laid out the 7 8/4 planks for the 5 slices. Yesterday I spent half the day re-aligning the tables on the Hammer Jointer/Planer. I’ve always found it hard work to use it as a Jointer. It turned out that the outfeed table was high by almost 2 mm, and the infeed table wasn’t parallel to the outfeed. The outfeed wasn’t hard to set up, even though the owner’s manual dedicates only a short paragraph and a poor picture to the process. The infeed table had no instructions at all, so it took a couple of hours of trial and error to get it close to acceptable. Jointing is now much less physical work, and the results are excellent. The moral of this story is: don’t assume that an expensive Austrian-made product is set up properly.

In any case, yesterday I flattened all the 12 slabs. Today I dimensioned them to 46.5 mm. The final thickness will be 45 mm. I glued up the first, base panel. Once all 5 are glued up I will flatten them again on the CNC (if necessary) then thickness them to 45 mm. I would prefer to thickness them on the Hammer, but the maximum capacity is 410 mm. These panels will mostly be about 600 mm in width, just within the capabilities of the CNC. I designed this whole project around the dimensions I can machine on the CNC.



A few days ago my neighbour Albert called to tell me that the Deli he owns with his wife Sandy is to be used as a movie location, and if I could make a 70’s style sign. He provided me with a couple of photos. I took them and created my own version using Affinity Photo and VCarve Pro. This is the result.


There are now 4 urn (or memory) boxes available. The green tinted one is at a retail establishment. I have added one with a blue tint. They are all in the 175-225 lb capacity (for ashes from a person).



I keep making more urn boxes. These are all in the 175-225 lb capacity range. They all have magnetic releases. The one in the upper left has two magnets hidden in the front, they are released with anything ferrous. Canadian quarters work well. There is a retaining lip at the other side. The other two have four magnets each. The one in the front has a light green tint added to the finishing oil. The Spalted Maple took up the tint more than the Sugar Maple of the walls. The box in the back left has a top of lovely Tiger Maple. The corners are either FingerMaker CNC-cut finger joints or mitre joints reinforced with thin Walnut splines.



With both “Cold Trap” and “Oh My Darling” finished, I have gone back to a few smaller projects. Some time ago I did a proof of concept of a Tensegrity sculpture I called “Cat Tails” at Jayne’s suggestion. This morning I completed a nicer version, which I call “Cat Tails 2”. The bottom block is leftover Ash. The top block is leftover epoxy from the last few coats on the two LED sculptures. It is quite massive, so I was concerned about finding fishing line strong enough to support the weight as well as the tensional loads. The best I found is rated at 30 lb (14 kg). So far nothing has broken. The guitar tuners make adjustments easy.

Note the fly for scale.