The Raven Writing Desk


The Raven Writing Desk is a large straight desk made with Maple and Walnut. It is modular and easily moved.

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Many of the details of “The Raven” are inspired by the restrictions and advantages of using a CNC Router for critical components. Repeatability and accuracy are balanced by the need for innovative joinery. The desk is built with allowance for transportation and easy setup, as well as for wood movement.

Materials used are: Maple, Walnut, Bloodwood, 1/8” white Hardboard, Livos Natural Oil, adjustable feet. Item size is 65 x 24 x 31 inches (165 x 60 x 79 cm) in each greatest dimension. All joinery is exposed. All joinery was cut with a CNC Router, with the exception of bloodwood inserts in the pull-out shelves. Due to the inability of CNC Routers cutting square inside joints, custom designs were developed for all joints.

The finish is two coats of Livos Kunos Natural Oil. The pull-out shelves and the top have three coats. The desk is modular. Wood movement is only expected to be significant across the slab, therefore the end trim is not glued, it is attached with wood screws.

The supports contain 4 drawers each. The drawer corner joints are a combination of finger and mitre joints, made on a CNC router. The drawer sides are pattern-matched around the perimeter. Each support holds a secret compartment for your sensitive documents. The edges are slightly raised to prevent pens rolling off.

“The Raven Writing Desk” is designed for generations of use.

Please Note: The Raven inlay is on the right pull-out shelf.

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Shipping Note: This thing is massive. I will delivery anywhere in Canada that is reachable by road from Ottawa. If you are in the USA, I will be pleased to meet you at a convenient border crossing, Canadian side. That’s assuming your trip can be considered to be ‘essential’. Please contact me for options.

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Dimensions 165 × 60 × 79 cm