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2020-10-26: The “Nahrung” project is in the early design stage. In the interests of extending my custom woodworking skills, I’ve undertaken another project for now, a more complex one but where I have a clearer idea of the design. The working title is “LSP”.

This is my first fully 3D project. I started with a composite image courtesy of the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, used a Fusion 360 plug-in to turn it into an STL file, then imported the STL into Vectric VCarve Pro. From there I was able to generate the tool paths for the CNC. The images above are a composite of the machining process. The last image is after a bit of manual sanding. This test piece is made of MDF. The final piece will be end-grain Maple. The white cylinders are a place-holder for the 7 that will eventually form a fountain. With the recent confirmation of water on the Moon, I think this is a timely project. Update: I found a better composite image courtesy of the NASA Deep Space Program Science Experiment (Clementine).

2020-07-11: Getting away, to a different environment with no distractions, can lead to some new custom woodworking project ideas. This past week did that. Several days on what my friend Andris and I call “Leisure Island” on Lake Temagami always lets us relax and recharge. This time it gave me the time to come up with my next major workshop project. It will be my first sculpture. The provisional title is “Nahrung”. But first, I have a master bathroom to renovate.

What does one make with scraps left over from other projects? Serving trays, of course! The first set were made from thin strips and are standard-duty. These are made from pieces of the slabs left over from the two Raven desks. They are substantial!

The first one is a simple tray, massing only 2.4 kg. I accidentally made it in the style of Piet Mondrian, with black epoxy inlay separating the sections. The second one is a slab sitting on a carrier, and it masses 2.65 kg. The slab can be removed for cleaning or for use as a cutting board. Although, why would you want to damage this fine piece of wood with a sharp knife? Once it’s yours, use it any way you want.

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