Raw Materials

I started with a composite image courtesy of the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, used a Fusion 360 plug-in to turn it into an STL file, then imported the STL into Vectric VCarve Pro. From there I was able to generate the tool paths for the CNC. The test piece is made of MDF. The white cylinders are a place-holder for the 7 that will eventually form a fountain. With the recent confirmation of water on the Moon, I think this is a timely project. I’ve since found a better composite image from the NASA Deep Space Program Science Experiment (Clementine).

Maple boards for LSP Fountain

Recently I took delivery of $900 worth of Eastern White Cedar (stacked in the background) and 8/4 Hard Maple. The cedar will make 4 Kitchissippi chairs. I estimate I’ll need 3 of the Maple boards for the LSP. The remainder are on the floor in the left background. Some of them will make the base for the “Nahrung” sculpture. Now if I could figure out a way of incorporating any of Tailmaker’s software, the project would be complete. Maybe a jointed base?

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