Underside machined

That was certainly messy! I started with the Shop Vac attached to the dust boot. However, since I was using my longest straight bit, the boot was all but useless. Then I attached the dust system hose and used the Shop Vac to keep the work area from getting too filled with chips. The total cut time was over 3 hours. I had to stop the machine path for the copper pipes. For some reason I had specified them as 12.5 mm. After updating the tool path for 16.5 mm I re-ran it as the last tool path on the bottom.

The piece is now mounted top side up, aligned on 4 dowels. I’ll have to run a flattening tool path on the top. I thought that flattening the bottom would make the top parallel, but there is about a 5 mm difference from one side to the other. The top is also quite uneven, not that that would matter. All the irregularities will be cut in the various toolpaths anyway.

The cleanup took quite a while.

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